The First Picture


I found two packs of ancient 4×5 Polaroid film in dad???s studio. Having no idea what it would do, I tried one out. I assumed it was 100 speed, used the sunny 16 rule to set my exposure, and set the focusing scale to infinity. I stepped out the dock door at work and wished for the best.

When I say ancient, I mean my dad thinks he abandoned that pack in the early ???80s, so it???s probably been sitting for 25 years. So I was quite surprised to get an image at all. The chemicals didn???t spread all the way, and the color balance is way off. But the smell! There???s nothing quite like a Polaroid???s smell. And the look is pretty cool too. People pay good money for software to make those edge effects.

With this photo, I knew I had a working camera, and I was looking forward to making more pictures.

Next, using up this old film while researching what to use next.


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